P1010162Barbara has a Master of Arts (Hon), majoring in Stage Design and Film Architecture. Over the years she has worked in Theatre Productions (Europe, UK and Australia) as a Stage and Costume Designer, has run ‘Discovery’ Workshops (UK) for young adults to help them refine their goals, worked with the Corporate sector to stage important events and get their message across to their clients, customers and staff (Austria), and helped students find the confidence to pursue their desired goal. (UK and Austria).

As a stage designer she is used to taking someones idea and bringing it to reality. Her Workshops are aimed at taking the idea of the participant and setting it on the road to realisation by opening the mind and unlocking possible blockages. She believes that every Adversity, every Challenge they face can be overcome by combining her determination with that of the participant.

P1010202The Workshops are aimed at Women with an idea, who, no matter what their age, haven’t given up on their dreams. Women who are determined to achieve more, but don’t know how to or where to start. Focusing on their strengths and capability, and maximising their energy and determination to fulfil their destiny.

Her Workshops are also aimed at Youth, who need to find their place in life. Barbara is offering a way to overcome the challenges they face on a day to day basis, working with their background and personality, strengthening their capacity to respond and manage pressure while still focusing on their goal.

The Workshops are also offered to:

  • Schools: Young people will find out where and how they fit in, be it family, school or life in general, and get encouraged to follow their dreams despite challenges they are facing from various people groups.
  • Corporate: With people/staff being sent all over the world, ending up working and living in a different culture, we can show them a way to deal with the feeling of displacement and help them find their identity in the new land. They will stay loyal and be happier working with your company for a long time. Recommended in combination with the Dance Production.
  • Community – Groups: Opening the floodgates of Women’s energy, strength and tenacity will benefit the wider community in multiple ways as it is within women to give back generously what they have learned.

The next Workshops are held on the following dates:

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