MetaMorphosoz is all about Determination and Change. Determination to adapt, Determination to face the Challenge, and Determination to find a new way. The show intensifies the experience and opens the mind to new possibilities.

In our first full length Dance Theatre Production with the Meta Dance Company, we tell the story of Mundu – a journey’. It takes the audience through loss, determination and change. We follow two young people from different cultures who find themselves displaced, moved into a foreign environment. We witness how they find the strength to absorb and own it, without losing themselves. Without forgetting, who they are, or where they have come from.

The Meta Dance Company has been put together to bring this story into reality. Our dancers come from different cultures and historical backgrounds, and by using the language of dance to communicate with each other and the audience they reduce and eliminate the misunderstanding so often attributed to the spoken word.

In Mundu – a journey we watch a family, in search of a new life, arrive in Australia. We see, how Clara, the young teenage daughter, suffers separation from her homeland, her friends, her wider family, resulting in the real danger of losing her identity.

We follow Kaizi, a young indigenous man, who invites us into his culture and takes us through his history and life changing events, determined to hold on to his identity.

Finally their paths cross, and their desire to learn from each other culminates in finding a different and new way of communicating.

This deeply moving production is told using Classical/Contemporary Dance and Traditional Indigenous/InFusion Dance. It will draw the audience in and allow them to witness a powerful Dance Theatre experience.

Artistic Director:  Barbara Kellner-Read
Music:  Adam Kharita
Choreography: Tracey Carrodus

Dates coming soon…