MetaMorphosoz is an Australian based Personal Development and Performing Arts Organisation.

We believe that positive outcomes are achieved through positive, determined and demonstrable action. Throughout history there are countless examples to reflect this belief. We use the Australian history to highlight human determination, and how to turn Adversity into Victory.

We do this in both our Dance Performances and Workshops. Audiences and Participants experience the effects of a mindset that doesn’t give up or engage in negativity. It sets their sight on overcoming obstacles and pursuing a positive path that ultimately leads to success.

 ‘You have to know where you are coming from to know where you are going to.’

P1010298Our Dance Performances and Workshops offer solutions for displacement, cultural or personal. Through our Performances we show people who experience cultural displacement, searching for a way to fit in without losing their identity, a way to stay true to their heritage, yet able to expand it with the new, add to it, enrich it. In this age with people moving all over the world, this becomes more prevalent, more important than ever before. You experience how to deal with it in a positive way.

In our Workshops we take people with an idea, who are determined to achieve more, no matter what their age, and show them step by step how to realise their goal. True to their identity, their personality, we work to their strengths. The desire to change, the determination to succeed, and our zest for life is what they take away from our Workshops, and the understanding that

‘it is not the problem but the solution that matters.’