News August 2015

To Be. Or Not To Be. Take 2.


There is another part to it. Whether it is better to look back with regret or forward with eager anticipation. ’Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ (Yoda).

Looking at Indigenous Entrepreneurs like Celebrity Chef Mark Olive (known as ‘The Black Olive’), who has been operating for more than 30 years, fusing native and Indigenous ingredients with contemporary cooking techniques, (‘The Outback Cafe’), or Media Consultant Jirra Harvey, who has run her own enterprise for two years, (marketing for Aborigine community organisations), one of the motivating factors for running their business is ‘the desire to give back’. Many of the cliches about running a business, such as the importance of hard work, resilience and persistence are well known to potential entrepreneurs. However, for the Indigenous Entrepreneur there is a culturally different approach to running a business, such as the importance of embedding cultural protocols and values in their work. Working with the communities is an important part, mentoring young Indigenous people, knowing that the path they are taking has been carved for them by the hard work of their Ancestors, therefore through mentoring the Young they are opening the door for the next generation.

Australia is a nation of two peoples. The First People and the Australian people. There is an ongoing battle to find a way for reconciliation, for bridging the Gap, for uniting the two cultures. For making this country a greater one in the future to come.

The desire to give back, to open the door for the next generation, is something that should Be. That needs to Be. And as Colin Jones, Entrepreneur and Historian, paves the way for the next generation by passing on knowledge through stories, art and teaching, we are doing our part by making the stories visible through dance, fully expecting and looking forward to changes that must ensue. Join us. Come with us. Experience it.

‘Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ (Yoda)


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