News – March 2011

There is a choice to be made: To dwell on the ‘History Wars”, also called the “culture wars” which have been an ongoing public debate since 1996, or move on, re-focus, re-build and learn from the past, which perhaps was the hope that could have come from the official apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’ by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Accepting that discussing the interpretation of the history of the colonisation and development of contemporary Australia is in many ways academic, it cannot be changed. The two sides being locked in a void – on the one side with a belief that there were generally low levels of conflict between colonists and Indigenous people – and on the other that there was official and unofficial imperialism, exploitation, ill treatment, colonial dispossession, violent conflict and cultural genocide by “invaders”.

Unfortunately people will believe what they want to believe and then put up an argument to support their belief. This is not what Metamorphosoz intends to do. Rather it is our intention to show the richness of a culture that has been with us for centuries. A culture that is moving from adversity to victory. To speak of its past, deal with the present situation and build on a hope for the future.

Perhaps in light of the recent events that are taking place worldwide, let us acknowledge that the culture of the Indigenous people of Australia is thousands of years old, learn from it, embrace the people – and move on, together. Let their story be an encouragement for those who have been through hard times and are looking for inspiration to carry on. People who have had their dreams shredded, hopes dashed and visions blinded. See how we have integrated the cultures, entwined them, and molded the different arts together in a common and modern theme.

Above all let the joy that fills these people be infectious. Let it pervade you as in time you come to watch them dance, tell their story and fill your lives with their colours.


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