News June 2013

A journey of thought

‘Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.’ (Martha Graham, Choreographer, 1894 – 1991)

February 1942, Darwin is bombed. On Croker Island, in the Arafura Sea, 95 children from the ‘Stolen Generation’ and their white missionary caretakers were left behind. The young women made the decision to take the children almost 5000 km south to safety in Sydney. In 44 days these brave women and their young charges journeyed across the continent, trekked over miles of open savannah and survived the harsh, beautiful stone country of Arnhem Land. They travelled by boat, by foot, by canoe and by truck. It is an inspiring story of human endurance, strength and resilience.

This epic journey was undertaken despite the obstacles, the unknown and the dangers they had to face on their way. They did not waste time looking at the negatives, the adversities, the difficulties, but they reacted intuitively, with the desire to bring the children to safety. Intuition often describes some fact that is deeply buried in the subconscious, with the individual unaware of its existence. It is a deliberate decision that is then not revoked. They knew that it was the right thing to do – all they had to do was get it done. Are you trusting your intuition?

When faced with a difficult decision do you solely rely on other’s opinions, allowing indecision, procrastination, fear of loss or peer pressure to cloud your judgement and deny you the epic journey that could be your life? Or do you trust your own intuition? What overriding factor is strong enough to change individual thinking from ‘can’t’ to ‘can’? What would make you follow your intuition and realize your dreams?

Follow your intuition, be an individual, let your instinct help to propel you forward. It is the individual that succeeds before the masses. Missed opportunities are just that – they are not the final destination. Your deliberate decision, your vision, your direction must stay constantly in view, etched in your mind, written down, purposely shared, never losing sight of the goal that sets your path to success.

Step outside your comfort zone – once committed to your idea, your thoughts will be established.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ (Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884 – 1962)


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