Arrival of the New – A different Perspective

With the onset of spring in Europe everything begins to blossom, comes to life. People not only open their windows to let the warm rays of the sun brighten their day but they also open their heart and mind to embrace the New that is happening all around them. There are smiles and happy faces wherever you look, laughter and excitement lingers in the air. The sense of power and strength, and the expectation of something good coming your way can be felt wherever you turn. The explosion of colour tantalises your senses in every way possible – and somehow you feel empowered, with the knowledge that nothing can stop you from reaching the goal you have set for the future.

As I travel through Europe it seems to be the perfect time to introduce the new face of our website. Still more to come, with Metamorphosis it is the journey not the destination that we consider. On my way back to Australia, from spring to autumn within one journey, change can not be more obvious than in the differences seen in two so distant parts of our world. Old European tradition versus ancient Australian culture, colourful cheeky spring versus wealth of fruitful autumn – it’s life versus life. Each beaming with joy, as one is looking forward to summer, and the other excited by winter. It’s all about perspective.

Isn’t this what life is all about? Expand your expectations, change your perspective, and you might find what you’re looking for in places you have never considered. Judgement and generalisation minimalise your world and limit your horizon. A snow covered field appears cold and plain, but if you look close enough you see the flower that pushes through the ice. A promising gem laying hidden beneath tired, melting snow, makes you understand that not everything is apparent at the start but given time all things blossom and take their rightful place.

So, wherever you are – excited about colourful spring or looking forward to the wealth of autumn – change your perspective and revel in the magnitude of opportunities that you could have missed otherwise and understand that to everything there is a season.

’In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.’  (Albert Camus, Author, 1913 – 1960)